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Originally Posted by nasrott View Post
you got me a little worried now, have one of these Hale90 ps 850 watt
I wouldn't worry. This is one in a million event. Nothing is fail proof but as XNine has stated he has never heard of any of their PSUs failing like this before. NZXT makes awesome gear and as you can obviously see they are top notch when it comes to customer service and quality. I have no hard feelings towards NZXT. I understand that even the best products can fail. Its good for a company to have a few failures as it gives them an opportunity to improve their future products. Also with the forums and the community around them it will probably actually bring them business in the end. XNine and NZXT are doing an incredible job at addressing this situation.
I have the psu packed up and ready to go. Just waiting for the go ahead from the folks at NZXT to send it back. Mobo and Videocard have been removed and stripped down in case they want to inspect those as well. I removed my aftermarket cooler from the GPU to take pictures and salvage the reusable parts so the card is bare now and easy to inspect. Their engineers will get to the bottom of it I'm sure.

I'm not cut off from the world as I have my sons computer to use in the mean time. Sure it may be 8 years old but an Athlon X2 64 4600+ is a good machine for day to day use.

Don;t let this thread discourage anyone from purchasing anything NZXT. If anything this thread should encourage you to push that buy button. NZXT are truly awesome.
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