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Twas a terrible experience indeed but I try not to let stuff like this get to me. Things fail, thats a fact we all have to live with it. My biggest fear was the loss of the harddrive which contains a ton of family photos. Luckily the harddrive was fine. We do have all the important family photos backed up but there are 1000s of unsorted photos that could of been lost that I am very happy weren't.

Curious though, if for some reason it wasn't the psu what else could it have been to set off such a chain reaction? From the best of my recollection it was the PSU that started sparking and popping first followed quickly by the videocard and mobo which seemed to go at the same time. This was just a few fractions of a second that all this happened of course so its hard to know with certainty. If I had to guess it would appear the psu malfunctioned and a surge went thru the video card cables first taking out the card and the area around the socket on the mobo. My understanding of these things is that regardless of what happened the psu should have shut down once the fit hit the shan and died itself along with any other failing components. I don't know how anything else could be responsible. Videocards die and don't take out entire systems. Motherboards fail too of course but rarely go out in style with explosions like this. This is honestly the first time I've witnessed anything like this. I've had components fail in the past but never have they had a light show to go with the event. I even had a lightening strike take out a system when I was in my teens. There was no light show with that, the machine just shut down never to turn on again. It hit the clothes line reel and blew a basketball sized hole in the side of our house. Took out the fridge, a vcr, my amp and my computer but nothing exploded except the neighbors patio which was all over our lawn.

I gave the psu a good shake to make sure there was nothing inside it that could have shorted. There were no objects in my case either that didn't appear to be from the catastrophe. I don't have the neatest system in the world but I do my best to make sure theres no foreign objects in the case. The psu was on the bottom of the case, with the fan on the bottom so it would be rather hard for anything to have entered the psu to cause this short unless it somehow managed to suck it up into it. There is of course some dust in there but nothing I would consider heavy or out of the ordinary. I've seen some pretty dust caked systems out there in my time that although were probably screaming on the inside were functioning 'normally'.

I guess its one of those one in a million type events. I would have much rathered winning the lotto or one of those other one in a million good luck events :)
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