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My System Specs

Default Best value of these options?

Quick question..

Akasa Venom 850w(Gold) AK-PA085AM03-UK @$180
XFX 850W XXX (silver) P1-850B-UKB9 @ $155
vs my current (have heard CM aren't as bad as they used to be so not sure about this one, and I got it free, only reason I'm using it)
3 yrs old - CM GX 750 W (not sure of manufacturer code to see what version it is, will check when I get home)

Point being I'm heading home soon and PSU's are cheaper there than here... I may be looking into a second 670 soon and this CM is LOUD too.. suggestions on if the CM is ok(not for dual cards) and which of the other 2 is the better buy?

(Yes we REALLY get screwed on PSU prices)
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