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Yeah, sorry man, but you did get a non-ref card and a ref block. Manufacturers don't always list whether or not it is a reference pcb in the card specs.

For AMD, a reference PCB will sometimes have the AMD logo visible just above the pcie pins, and typically will have a single fan at the far end of the card. Reference cards will also have the same number and layout of outputs. From the pics on XFX, newegg, and NCIX it is obviously a non-ref card. However on and pcpartpicker there is a picture of this card with a reference pcb. I am assuming that it was originally reference, then XFX changed the pcb but kept the same model number.

This is not an uncommon problem for water cooling, so I always make sure I get a reference card or one that someone already makes a full cover block for. This isn't necessarily EKs fault as I'm sure XFX probably didn't announce the change.

Not sure when/where you bought the card and block or whether you can return them, but no one makes a block that will fit your card.

EK has this 5870 comparison on their site.
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