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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Niiice.. used to see alot of modems charred like that (worst one was where a cap blew through the GPU and dented the PSU housing )

Fingers crossed for your 2500k.
Also try the GPU in another machine if you haven't already. you may be lucky and it's just the board.
GPU is toast. Its the picture with the two missing caps. The other pic is the mobo of course. I heard the videocard ones bouncing around inside my case. Found the pieces for the 2 caps in my case. The cap on the mobo didn't detach but its blown out from the bottom. Probably difficult to see in the pic. There is also atleast one blown cap inside the psu but its so deep down in there that its nearly impossible to take a pic of unless I remove the casing which I won't do. I should probably take the switch out of my case to see how that looks. The speaker attached to the mobo blew its top too. Fun times deluxe.

It was one of those things were even though it was just a few fractions of a second I can still remember it clear as day. The back of my case where the psu is located lit up like a bluish orange afterburner while there was a series of loud pops going off. The smell still lingers in the room.

As Ray often says, "thats the way she goes, the way she f'ing goes"

Edit: Power switch is actually fine. I took it off the case and examined it and it doesn't appear to be damaged after all. What I thought was burnt marks on the button turned out to be a bit of grim. One less thing to worry about.

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