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Here is the lable'd photo.


Here is the breakdown ;

A : This is the thinktank proper.

-This is what the new glass (and the esoteric silicone)is for.I am building an 'inner' glass tank inside the one you see.The space between the two glass tanks will be filled with nitrogen.

- The motherboard (p5k-se,Intel e6600,mushkin d9gmh ((2x512 Gb)),video yet-to-be-determined) goes into this glass tank.The whole works will be fully submerged : The glass tank is full of Isopropanol when running.

- The upper section of the lian-li pc-65 is where the PSU,Single WD raptor HDD and Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon LCD will be housed.

-There will also be both N2 input lines , and vent lines , but I havn't made em yet so......

B : This is the coolant resevoir.It's the keg/stainless pipe assembly shown above.
-This is just a fancy insulated container.It's just like a 'thermos'.Vacuum is the best Insulator there you put 1 container inside another , and establish a vacuum between the two....see here for more info....

-The pump(not yet built)goes inside this resevoir.

C : Related to 'B' these are just the lines that circulate the iso from the res to the computer.They are vacuum insulated lines.

D : This is the solvent recovery tank.
-When I get the vent lines made , they feed into this first.It gets filled with dry ice as well , to condense the iso out of the vented air/gas.Waste not , want not.

E: This is the monitoring computer.
-This rig runs the MO MX-222 Display ( G ) which will take care of all temperature monitoring above -50 C.......

-My USB Instruments Digital 'scope will also be running from this rig.....

F: Vacuum manifold.Basic valve control of each vacuum bit ; tank and pipes.

H: future home of the n2 manifold.


You'll have to take this layout as temporary at best.The vent lines will affect a lot , but this'll do for the moment.

Supermicro X11DPi-NT:2x Xeon Gold 6144's:Lots more other stuff.Dual 4k monitor video .