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My System Specs


i was skeptical of the size of the original Note as well but after putting it in my pocket, I realized that it was not as big a deal as I would have thought.

The Note II is a bit narrower, and is indeed a bit easier to handle. But its not a slam dunk for sure, as it is on the edge of what I think is easily portable.

We get a new phone in this house every 6 months between the wife and I, so I could afford to take a risk on a phone size I might have hated. If I were to be stuck with it for a few years, I might not have made the plunge from the 3.5in 4S to the 5.3in Note I. I probably would have went with something in the 4.7in range to be honest. So I see why you might hesitate.

Personally, I might go for the Galaxy S4 in the spring when wifey's contract is up and sell the Note II. If I miss the screen size, then I'll jump to the Note III in November. Why? Not because I am unhappy with the Note II, but I think I could live with the rumoured 4.9in screen just as well as the 5.5in one, and I like new toys. And yes, 4.9in will be a bit more portable than the 5.5in one, even though 5.5 is no issue.

I also hardly ever use the Note II stylus.
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