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Here i am again, another 2 weeks have gone by and “Oh my god” could they have been even better?

Let’s start with something I’ve spoken last time, the Grid Girls, I couldn’t show you images before but now I have one that can be shared.
Beware those with heart condition or that recently took Viagra, what you are about to see may cause undesired effects!

This is one of the variations (work in progress), there are others planned with different outfits/faces.

Another thing that may cause some funny feelings down there is the recent car announcement, the RUF RGT-8.
You may think the announcement isn’t that exciting, you already knew it was coming, but what if you could see some images of the car in-game? Oh yeah!!

Yes it’s not a Porsche we all know that, but it is a sexy beast and look at “DAT ASS” :cool:, even as a very early preview of the car it looks amazing and its hoped to come to a build in the next weeks.

Besides these 2 great news there’s another one for all the French car lovers out there, the Pirault Mega RS, similar to a Renault Megane III RS Cup this baby has been brought in-game to give the Focus RS some hard time and I must say it’s a really nifty car to drive. Slower in the straights than the RS but when you get into a corner you will just be gaining so much it wont matter how fast the Focus RS goes! (unless you are in a oval!)

More images available here: Megane

The fog effect also got some work done recently with the addition of a mist effect that looks absolutely brilliant and turns the whole experience much more immersive, you can check them below.

Do you have the guts to try and drive in these conditions?

The physics was another department that also suffered some changes recently with the addition of the flexible tire carcasses, we are starting to notice deformation on the tires and a different reaction in terms of grip depending on the compound used, there’s a lot of progress in this area with multiple tires currently available for different cars but not quite finished! The feedback from the community and our resident consultants (Nicolas Hamilton and Ben Collins) has helped the developers to deliver a lot of fixes and improvements to turn this game into something that can’t be explained any longer by just using words or images.

Another great addition was the introduction of a built-in Downsampling method, delivering the same quality as the former AA methods like MSAA4x and 8x but with a better performance, theres still some edges that need refinement but the developers are on the right track, you will notice in the next community (coming next week) gallery for sure the difference it makes.

That’s all for now, hope you guys have enjoyed this update!
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