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My System Specs


I'm anal when it comes to storage, and back-ups... remember, a raid array is not a back-up. A simple PSU failure can toast all them drives, or the controller / corrupt the data. The array protects the data integrity. The back-up protects the data itself. My set-up consists of a raid-6 arrays with 7 WD Reds, and a hot spare. All this is then backed-up on an external USB3 drive monthly, which is stored in a water/fire proof safe. Anal? Loose your data once, and we'll talk..

Woud I set up again as such if I had the chance? Nope. With the performance of the raid enclosures on the market today (Qnap, and Synology, others), it is not worthwhile for a personal user to invest in such an apparatus (case, controller, board, PSU, OS), when NASs are available for a very good price.

Like this one: QNAP TS-419PII 4-BAY iSCSI NAS Hot Swappable Marvell 2.0GHZ CPU 512MB DDR3 RAM USB 3.0 Cloud Ready
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