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Default USB 3.0 Hub that works with Windows 8 native drivers?

Hi all,

As mentioned, has anyone successfully used a USB 3.0 hub on Windows 8's native drivers without it reverting to 2.0 speeds?

My current USB hub, the Vantec UGT-MH430U3, reverts to USB 2 speeds if attached to any port controlled by Windows 8 native drivers. The USB hub is called "non-functional" as in this link: USB FAQ: Introductory Level
(Tried Intel Z77 and Renesas so far.)

On my ASUS Maximus V GENE, I use the AsMedia USB 3.0 ports with the hub, and with my older DP67DE, I had to install the Windows 7 USB 3.0 driver to get the hub to work at 3.0 speeds.

I'd like to get another USB 3.0 hub for my laptop which only has two USB 3.0 ports from an Intel (HM77?) chipset, but I can't find for certain which one will actually work at 3.0 speeds. I'd rather not try to hack Windows 7 drivers on my laptop. Has anyone found a USB 3.0 hub that Windows 8 likes?

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