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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
lol I am still trying to figure things out my one toon is level 22 and like an idiot instead of getting a decent ship I grabbed a sciece vessel which really sucks , I have know real clue of what I am doing .
today I recieved an email saying that I could go Klingon which i s a little tempting.
Sci ships are alright, Sub-system targeting , Sensor lock, turn almost as good as a Escort and the highest shield modifier by class. Sci ships heal, do crowd control while putting out close to escorts DPS, cruisers tank of course there is no set in stone. I know many cruiser captains that out DPS most escorts, just builds and gear.

If your leveling it will be easier in a escort though, high turn rate, can equip dual and dual heavy cannons, lots of DPS but low shield and hull.
What did you go? Tac, Sci Eng for your character build?

KDF are okay I dont play them because the red UI gives me a headache but I farm a dozen alts.

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