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My System Specs


If you want to go for a whole new system, you may start to look at selling your old.
Back-up all the files etc that you have on your current one and then advertise it somewhere.. would be a good entry level gaming system for someone, you should get a few hundred for it easily enough.
You will want to find out exactly whats in it though. What motherboard, ram, PSU case etc will all have an effect on the price.

The spec I listed above is reasonable but you could have really nice machine for about $1300 that should be able to pretty much max out anything currently available Intel Core i5-3570K, HIS Radeon HD 7950, BitFenix Shinobi - System Build - PCPartPicker Canada
This is what I would consider the "sweet spot" for price, performance and quality
You can shave probably a few hundred off that if needed. Eg going for a cheaper board and cooler alone could save you $100 easily

Here is a more budget build $997 Intel Core i5-3570K, Sapphire Radeon HD 7870, Zalman Z9 Plus - System Build - PCPartPicker Canada
The major notes of still having the 240GB SSD, the 3570k and the GPU dropped to a 7870, lower end PSU and no custom cooler (ohh and a fan controller on the case for the same price)
You could push this further by using cheaper ram (probably about $10 less), drop the dvd drive totally unless you actually still use disks.

And the lowest price I can suggest for this is: Intel Core i5-3570K, XFX Radeon HD 7870, Zalman Z9 Plus - System Build - PCPartPicker Canada $880 (including $99 win7 64bit)

On the SSD, a 128GB drive is about the absolute min I would suggest to anyone as it will fit your os and a few large games / programs (that you want to be fast) the rest would go on your secondary drive. (240GB spec'd above)

On overclocking, It's really easy these days and you should be able to find a video or the like to guide you through step by step. You don't need to push any limits but a good stress test to ensure it's stable is a must.
Even if you don't want to overclock right away it's good to have the option in the future and the $20 difference is worth it in re-sale value even if you don't oc

On your Win7, you can easily download a disk image and get your key from your current machine without breaking any laws. Google is your friend (search for "how to get my product key from windows7" or something similar)

This all depends on what you want to do. I'm only trying to give you options. An upgrade may be the best for you, you need to decide.

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