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My System Specs

Default advice on storage setup for file server.

I have built several PCs but this will be my first file server and I have a few questions about organizing my storage. To start with the server will store a few different things. I will store scheduled backups of my other PCs, all my entertainment media like music movies etc., and perhaps most important is all the data related to my CAD work such as the design files as well as library of standard parts and custom settings. I am considering the following setup, a primary drive likely a raid 5 of 3 or 4 large drives where everything will be stored to. I have no need to backup the backups or the media really, but the CAD data needs to be backed up. I was thinking of just adding another large capacity drive probably not in any sort of array and just have the server scheduled to backup the CAD data on a regular basis. Anyone see any issues with this setup or suggestions for something different? As for the server OS should I just install it on the main drive or should I put an old small capacity drive in just for the OS?
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