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My System Specs


The thing that appeals to me about the Razr is the build quality is really second to none. As for the Nexus, the lack of a micro sd card is a killer. I have a 32GB card in my current phone and it is more than half full with music, movies and pictures, so I need the storage. I looked and from what I can tell while the Optimus G comes with 32GB it also doesn't have a micro sd card slot, so again just can't do it.

It really is a tough choice and yes "IF" I could wait I would as I know there are some 1080p phones coming in March/April but the thing is, if this can happen it has to be bought before March, no choice at all. So because of that I can really only pick from currently available phones. I would love to be able to get a S4 or Motorola "X-Phone" when they come out but just can't wait.

As of now I am really going back and forth between the Razr and the Note II, with the Note being just slightly in the lead. Size is a concern though as this would be my daily use phone. Question for those who have owned/own the Note II, how is the build quality? Do you feel like you should have a case on it? I still say that is one of the best things about my current Razr, no case needed.
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