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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Hooded View Post
Bingo I have either a 120/128gb or a 240/256GB SATA3 disc as the OS disc in each machine. I have either a 120/128 or a 240/256GB SATA3 as the disc for games and a 120/128GB SATA2 for apps in 4 of my machines.

I have a raid box with 24TB of disc space in a RAID10 setup for roughly 12TB of redundant storage that is plugged into one of my rigs using USB3. This is for back up and media library
You've got too much money
There is no way I could justify all that, however my machine is purely leisure.. no work being done off it.

That said my next build will probably have 2 256GB drives in raid and probably a pair of 4TB drives mirroring each other for data.
Thats a way off though :P
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