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My System Specs


Intel Core i5-3570K, HIS Radeon HD 7950, BitFenix Shinobi - System Build - PCPartPicker Canada
$1281 (not inc a $10MIR)
3570k, MSI G45, Corsair H80i, Gskill sniper 8GB Ram, HIS 7950 iceq2, Mushkin Chronos delux 240GB SSD, 1TB WD Blue, Seasonic G 550W Gold PSU, Bitfenix shinobi case.
Feel free to remove the DvD drive unless they use it and also feel free to change the case for something else depending on their taste(or anything else for that matter, this is suggestion of what to buy).

Leaves you enough to get a decent monitor, mouse, keyboard and speakers/headset.

If you shop around more and then price-match you'll get it all from one place. Kick-ass machine for the price (And the GPU comes with the new Tomb Raider and Bioshock games to boot)
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