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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
As I've told my SSD Guru, I at one point had moved all of my bigger MMO games to the Storage Drive (WD Raptor). However, after a while I got fed up with the damn long load times so I sent it back to the SSD and I'm the first one in the game ready 95% of the time.
As it stands SSD's as all the dedicated drives is really where the future is headed. Thats why now, in an era where speed is key, it makes all the difference.

Well I never touched an SSD in my whole life and I got a Caviar Green as my boot device... I was thinking economically and environmentally during that time lol. I even did a RAID 0 with 2 Caviar greens, to my surprise they're still alive to this day (I bought them in 2009) even with RAID 0, although I've noticed performance degenerated so I decided to remove the RAID and just do two separate disks, 1 as boot the other as backup and video recording.

I'm probably gonna get an SSD with my next build, just to see what the hub bub is about.
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