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Originally Posted by Terren View Post
Bao - I see that you're as clever with your Internet nicknames as I am :)

In general when the Canadian guys are on equal footing as the US I would say that pricing here can be more aggressive than the US. There are large discrepancies with some vendors and categories (like CE) but for stuff like components it's very cutthroat up here. The cost of doing business up in Canada is arguably higher with scale of economy not kicking in as aggressively, low population density and underdeveloped logistics so its not easy.
HAHA you know it. I ran out of ideas for a forum nickname.

I can back Terren up on that quote there too. When I was at OCZ, quite a few OCZ deals in Canada were on par and sometimes better than our friends south of the border. And from my time as a PM at a fairly popular PC components retailer... everyone's fighting their hardest to not make money it seems. That's how crazy it is at times in Canada for PC components.

For CE yes, our best deals in Canada are usually worse than regular pricing at USA Best Buys for the most part.
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