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Default Novice Question

So I'm busy shooting down the invading Luftwaffe bombers when my system just turns off, suddenly. Blink. All power is gone.

Recovered no problem. Checked the CPU Temp - it was 45 ish after recovery. I did not have a tempature recorder going to I don't know what it was when it crashed.

IS this a symptom of pushing my system too hard? I have the A10 at 45x, it comes set up to turbo at 42x so I thought a few more would be OK, and it has run at 45x for weeks now. But when my system crashed I was playing a Flight SIM (IL*2 Cliffs of Dover) and had been playing it for a few hours. I also had set the other easy OCing options to extreme. I have not played with the voltage settings.

I also pushed my graphics card to the max OC allowed in AMD's VCC, stock was 810 - I had it at 900. Video memory stock 1000, pushed to 1140. That is to say I slide the sliders in VCC graphic overdrive to the far right.

I have not OC'd my RAM.

I've toned it down a bit, dropping the east OC settings to High or Turbo not Extreme and the multiplier to the recommended Turbo of 42X. I also set AMD's graphics overdrive to the midway point on the slider (circa 850 and 1080).

I'll see how long I can shoot down bombers before the system crashes. I'll also turn on ASUS's sensor recorder to see what is happening with my mb and cpu temps (it does not measure GPU temps).

I am running in "Dual Graphics" mode Xfiring one HD6670 with the A10 APU. Cliffs of Dover is not happy when run with the two HD6670's Xfired. I'm in Win7 for this game, it won't even start in Win8. It is a STEAM game so internet connection is problematic (2-4 mbs makes online gaming unlikely).

I"m thinking OCing is the problem. I know the IL*2 COD game has a bad rap as being buggy (and I've found a few of them myself). Could a game bug cause the system to suddenly shut down? I'd think the game freezes (too common) or the visual goes wanky (occasionally this happens, especially after I've used the fast speed button to race back to the landing site instead of flying at real time). OR maybe the game just closes, but turn the system off.


BTW my ISP tells me my home internet connection will not be fixed until Tuesday. So I'm spending the long weekend 'un-plugged' from the internet. My goodness I might have to talk face to face with human people.

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