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Default Which phone S3, Razr HD LTE, Nexus 4, or Other?

So right now I have a Motorola Razr and I really like it. Honestly it is a great phone but it doesn't have an 720p screen and the battery is not the greatest. So because of that and other reasons (like maybe someone else paying for it) I am looking at what phone to get if I can get one.The phones I have been looking at are the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Motorola Razr HD LTE, LG Nexus 4, maybe the HTC One X and even maybe consider the Note 2, but I think it might be too big.

I really like the Motorola because of the build of the phone. It can take a beating and still goes strong, without an extra case. With the S3 I feel like I would need to get a case and frankly cases suck. Battery wise I know that the Razr has the longest life but it is not removable. So anyone got anything to chip in about what they would get now? And no this is not something that can wait until newer phones come. I really am torn as to what I should get.
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