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Default Display Cables and my go-bag

I've been trying to reduce the size and weight of my go-bag in recent times. Currently, by far, the most amount of weight and space is taken up by the display cables.

I have DL-DVI, HDMI, and VGA cables along with various adapters for DP/mDP/mHDMI etc.

for all 1080p monitors, I THINK I can get away with using a base HDMI cable and then having adapters for DVI/VGA/DP/mDP/mHDMI. I would start with HDMI because it supports up to 1080p AND sound.

a key point is that everything MUST work properly when the client puts in their permanent cable. eg if I used DVI with hdmi adapters, then the sound might not work because I couldn't test it because the DVI cable can't carry audio.

Is my thinking correct? except in resolution, every other port type is a subset of HDMI (well, HDMI is the only with both audio AND video).


I would also have to carry a DL-DVI cable for 1440p monitors though?
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