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Originally Posted by xmanrigger View Post
Which case I would use would depend on were the PC is to be placed. If it will be up front with the rest of the TV and entertainment system, I would go with the Antec. There looks to be no bling and lights to be distracting from a movie.
If it is desktop, then go for whatever one turns your crank. They are both relatively the same price. The Zalman does however look to offer better cable management.

Also, if gaming wasnt my main agenda, I wouldnt worry a whole bunch about RAM speed. Just make sure it is dual channel. In your case, I think more cheaper memory is better than less speedier memory. Just make sure you run a 64B OS.

I still think you should add a dedicated video card. Check this out: $40 at ncix. Find it cheaper and they will match it.
EVGA GeForce GT 610 810MHZ 1024MB 1.0GHZ DDR3 DVI HDMI VGA PCI-E DirectX 11 Video Card
Thx for the info, but as for the video card, everyone here in this thread told me it was shit, to not bother with it because it's almost the same specs as the one integrated (i did change motherboard though)
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