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Default Have people here ever used UDK?

Well I'm at college (or CEGEP here in Quebec...) and my mind is just bursting with imagination (not that Spongebob stuff though) and I've been itching to represent my imagination into a reality (well a game anyway.) I've been looking at possibilities on where I could make my game in and one that itches me the most is Unreal Development Kit (UDK).

I understand that UDK is Unreal Engine 3 without the C++ support and I cannot commercialize the game unless paying a royalty fee to Epic Games. I've did a quick glimpse of the UnrealScript that they have just to see if it's hard to program or not, (I'm actually studying for computer network management or gestion de réseaux informatique in French.) So my programming skills is pretty low level, I've learned PHP, HTML,CSS, tiny bit of Javascript but I never touched a Object-oriented language. I'm taking baby steps in learning this stuff though, to much info to process just demotivates me :P

I did some animation in the past, however I did animations for Warcraft 3, and Warcraft 3.... is pretty much during the dawn of 3D gaming (game got released in 2002) so they're.... OK for that game.
(Here's some examples of my animation work, for those who have Warcraft 3 installed :P Master Yen Sid | TriShroom
Ork Warboss | TriShroom
Mysterious Figure | TriShroom )

I've also did some soundsets in the past (once again for Warcraft 3).

But here's my question has anyone here used the UDK before? If so can you tell me your experience with it. Because if there's easier options out there I'd like to know (btw I ain't planning to spend money... college student and all.)

Thank you all

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