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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
This is why I think that fiber should be laid by a crown corporation that stays close to revenue neutral. In the end, all ISPs from all over Canada could compete with one another for customers, and all would be via the fiber network. After the large areas were done to maximize returns they could then look to installing fiber to the smaller communities. The goal of the crown corporation would to have any community of more than 20 homes with at least one fiber link going there as it was affordable to do so. After that the ISPs just pay usage costs to cover rent of the line and upkeep. For smaller areas a single WiMAX link would probably work.

Cell towers could also piggyback off this as well.

Or we can keep 90% of our country by land mass in the "dark" so to speak.
I like that idea, but let's face it.... it'll probably never happen. It's pretty much up to the private sector to layout a fiber optics network... which sadly they can charge whatever they want since there's not that many competitors.
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