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My System Specs


+1 for stepping back on the cpu. the only real benefit of the x79 is extra pci-e lanes and I don't think even dual 670's will trouble a z77.
6 cores is really only warranted for HEAVY rendering, transcoding and the like, the 3770k is more than capible for gaming editing etc

Grab a good (but not overkill) z77 board, i7 3770k at least a 256GB SSD.
Personally I would go for Gskil or Mushkin ram and definitely not a seagate HDD (1year warranty WTF?)

If going for the 670's I think the MSI PE is one of the better and should be a better price.
If he is using 2 x 1920x1080 monitors at the moment (gaming on one) a single 670 will be enough, going to 1440 would definitely benefit from a second.
Maybe do a bit of wait and see if he's not in a rush? 1 GTX Titan would be *drools*

If going sli go for a bit taller case than mid tower, Hate the idea on having the second card trying to suck air off the top of my PSU.
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