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Default $3000 budget build

Hey all, looking for advise and criticism for a friends build.

starting with NCIX's dream machine elite as a base to work off of simply because it's likely a well thought out build (incorrect assumption?). Parts are as follows.

i7 3930k
Asus p9x79 pro atx mobo
Asus gtx 670's in sli
16gb corsair vengeance blue 1600
corsair hx1050 psu
corsair h100i cpu cooler
corsair 650d case
Seagate 3tb harddrive
intel 520 120gb ssd
asus blueray

I'm suggesting the 650d becuse he wants something smaller, cheaper and isn't worried about costmetics. Honestly, he'd be happy with a cardboard box but I'm swaying him to do the build justice and get something that'll boost resale.....also hoping he gets bit by the bug.

He games pretty intensely, wants to stream highest res possible. I'm sure it can be done for cheaper, but he's got the money and wants nothing holding him back. What parts should be possibly consider swapping out? Input, please...thanks!

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