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Well big 90' turn this morning, I try another HD, same S...T , so I said I have a problem with the motherboard, I try the HD in another PC, bingo I can format it. So O return on my Corsair 800d, plud the drive directly on the sata connector , by passing the hot swap bay, BINGO, it work, so on 4 Back Planes conectors I have 3 not working. This 800D is the worst case I ever own, very close to my TJ-07

1- the Power button is now stock, I have to use the reset button, connected to the power connector of the MB.
2- The drives door cheaps Plastic pins are now broken, it hold only by the magnet
3- 3 on 4 Back Planes defectives

So it cost me $ 20 ( 2 shipping RMA )
I have $ 200 hold on my CC until WDC receive my HD.
WDC proceed non defective drives for nothing.
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