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My System Specs


There are a few reasons to upgrade cpu performance isn't one of them.

Less power and heat for your performance along with (as said above) better SATA for your SSD would be the main reasons.
I would wait for Haswell if you still have an i7 as every little bump in performance helps (you could also get a kick-ass sandy/ivy system for less/second-hand when it's released) if your set on an upgrade.

Personally I'll be playing wait and see till I think the spend is worth it / I come into some serious cash so that splashing it doesn't hurt so much.
The main reason to wait for Haswell for me is that your on the latest gen and not getting into something that is in it's later life.

That being said I got my 950 just before Sandy came out and haven't been disappointed (Friend was going to the states and I got it for substantially less than I could get Sandy over here at the time, bout the same as ivy now(3 years later))

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