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My System Specs


Originally Posted by xmanrigger View Post
As others said, yes that should be all compatible. Also suggested, go with 2 sticks of dual channel ram to be optimal. Although the onboard VGA maybe similar in power to the 610, you typically see a performance gain with a dedicated card. As far as gaming goes, you would be limited to older games or less than stellar new games. For watching movies, this config should have no problem. With that said, I bought a laptop a couple years ago that had an i5 CPU and onboard VGA. It couldnt play .mkv files for shit (cant remember what socket. I returned it). If you already have the card, fine. But I wouldnt buy it with intentions of gaming. Lowest end I would go if gaming is a GTX650. But then also, will the i3 CPU cut it gaming?

If you havnt already bought the parts, hold off and see what is recommended here. You dont need huge power to watch movies, but some containers such as .mkv demand some processing power. I would go with a S1155 i5 minimum and a dedicated card. A Core2 Duo with 4GB ram will play movies all day long with a GT610. I have two C2D HTPCs running GV-N610SL-1GI GT610 1G cards. No issues playing movies. Hell, a GT420 was playing them no prob in the same machines. I only switched cards because I got the 610s at a great deal and they have passive cooling. The 420s were loud.
I agree that the 610 is low scale. Either JD's APU solution or a better dedicated would suffice.

That being said an i3 coupled with a 650 is more than sufficent for decent gaming at good resolution. Right now my best budget build is around that combo (though I use the 650TI).


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