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My System Specs


As said above, go for 2x4Gb sticks and also bump it to 1600mhz, price difference should be almost nothing.
HDD is not good for an OS drive.
Your not going to do much recent games on that card.
(depending on the games and monitor resolution, please let us know what your hoping to play and at what res so we can better advise, budget would be good too, we may be able to find you deals etc)

the i3 should be fine for games.
Not sure on the motherboard, have a look at the manufacturers page and see if it is supported.

If your really tight on budget, look at second-hand parts. Much more bang for your buck. A PhenomII X4 / i3/i5 and mid range card from a couple of years ago will be much better than this for gaming and will probably cost the same.

Also I wouldn't get a case with PSU. you can find some ok cases for $20~ and a known psu for $40~ or yet again look second-hand.
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