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Default Shady pricing

Anyone else notice the shady pricing tactics of for their daily slasher deals? If you check them out around midnight it will tell you the regular retail price (in brackets) then below that the Tiger price yesterday, then it tells you the sale price. The pricing values are different when they first post the add than later on after they start the sale. Sometimes the listed prices change as well as the sale price to make the deal look more appetizing.

So for instance today its the Vector SSD 256GB it stated

stated retail price 229.99 as of 11:30pm (CHANGED TO $333.99 on 2/13/2013)
tiger yesterday 269.99
slasher deal price 249.99 ($20 off)

so for their slasher deal they mark up the price of the SSD to 269 then take $20 off? I remember working for a major retailer that was caught doing these price manipulations for sale events and when people found out they were NOT pleased.

Not that I deal much with Tiger, memory express and bestDirect all the way! But this is way to shady for a large business like this.

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