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EDIT; I will keep the comment on Egg, because I receive very bad packaged drives in the past, and I have now 2 box damages

I start to think it's New Egg the problem. On their forum they have many complain about HD not well packaged. This time I order Retail one, 4 of them and look at the box of the one defective, the corner is smash, I do a test with an old maxtor on another box, a drop on the floor is not enough to produce it, I have to give a swing, the corners are really hard. On Hard OCP they have a 24+ pages on peoples who return board to RMA been decline for huge line on CPU Sockets pins, things that need a screwdriver to do. Now if I return it to Egg, they gone say it was damage in transport, or I drop it my self. I can't use another box the serial is on the box too.

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