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Originally Posted by igot6strings View Post
Duties/Taxes on imported goods via USPS is random. UPS and Fedex and the like pre-charge those fees. USPS leaves it up to Canadian Customs to do the job. They select packages at random and charge the fees. Theres no way to know if your package will be picked or not its just bad luck. Alot of the time when they do pick a package to charge they do not even bother to open it and inspect either. They just charge the duties and slap on an additional fee for having charged you the duty. I work for Canada Post and have worked at the retail counter in the past. The majority of packages with USPS never see any duties charged. Personally I always have my stuff sent by USPS if ordering from the US as its the best way to avoid paying any extra fees.
That's very interesting, I had no idea they did random spot checks. I figured they'd check everything, but I guess if they did that they'd have to hire more employees.

I got my order from Jab-Tech today and got charged tax (HST) this time, but it wasn't soo bad -- Jab lowered the value a bit (I didn't even request this!) and that saved me about half the tax. I highly recommend them, if you don't mind waiting a week for shipping (usps).
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