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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
I'm not folding much anymore as our electricity costs have doubled in the new house, and I've got a good 2600K running stock (gasp) in my wife's mITX build I could reclaim if I dropped an i3-2120 in there for her Facebook use. Or sell both chips and go Ivy Bridge.

Also, my Craven build is pissing me off. The tubing has discolored and my PSU fan is dead. So if I'm going to rip it apart, I may as well just start fresh and the Hexa-core is overkill for gaming use. I'm not going SLI again anytime soon, so I've got no reason to keep an X79 platform.
Not that this is a build log thread but let me put my 2 cents in for what they are worth.

First, your Costs are bang on for what that HW is worth.
SEcondly, the RE 3770K I got puts at 4.0 .... 163 From the wall, Full load. Coupled with my old 260MAtrix In gaming I am maybe doing 200W. Maybe.

Sell both, get an Intel Z77GAL-70K board (Lots of toys on that Board) , a 3770K and call it done there. Then decide what to do with the $400-500 you have left.
Mushkin works best I find in the Intel boards,


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