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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bliz View Post
AMD dies... Their strongest CPU is 8 core and is not even as good as an I7 and their GPU's,actually are quite good for new,even if the drivers could be better,but they generally need more watts... Intel destroys them with the CPU side and nvidia is the GPU leader...AMD won't make it...
The FX-8350 is a damn good CPU, and comes at a good price. It's certainly not a slouch, and in a lot of benches it plays with the big dogs of Intel. It's weakness as everyone knows is single threaded situations and power consumption. For $200 I can live with that. The 7970 is just as good as a GTX680, and it gets better as the resolution gets higher. AMD is doing well IMO.

I don't think that not seeing a new series of cards is a bad thing. It just goes to show how well both camps did with their last gen of GPUs, and if it's going to take that long for the next gen......just imagine what they'll be like! I think we'll see some major powerhouse GPUs from both sides.

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