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Thanks for the input. I've got the game 'flying' and have started the steep learning curve on how to fly a WWII fighter plane. I'm still in the "easy" mode under realism and will be there a long time. I have managed to shoot down a few incoming bombers but controlling the plane is a skill I need to develop. I read that the makers wanted to also simulate how rough these planes were to control, so if the plane had no or limited trim controls, then they simulated that. The A.I. on the incoming bombers also is working because I've been shot down a few times.

I did verify the settings (picked that up from the IC forum suggested above) and it did repair one file.

From the very negative review referenced above I learned "For example, if you play the tutorial missions on low settings, you can't see the yellow rings you're supposed to fly through" which explains my frustration with the flight instructor's rude remarks about my flying off course, I could not see the course. I'm going to raise the bar on the settings and reduce the resolution and see if I can see those rings next time.

I agree with some of the comments about the visuals in the game, the buildings while much more detailed than the ones in Xplane by comparison, and some are real landmarks (e.g. you can fly under the Tower Bridge in London if you want and buzz the Queen in Buckingham Palace) but the cockpit details are well detailed down to the manufacturer's name on the instruments in the panel.

I'm hoping some of the bugs mentioned in that review have been fixed with patches etc.

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