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Thanks for the reply, I have a GTX 580 on my gaming PC that I may replace with a 680 or wait to see what Nvidia will release. Fr now I use a GTX 560 but I still look for another GPU,

Until now I have

i7-3930K ( I go 6 cores I don't see the purpose to go with a X79 2011 socket and a quad core.
I run the CPU at 4,2 ghz, under a Kilance 380 block, I don't want to OC I want stability but since the only available cooler I have was water, I give a little push.
4 x 2TB black ( 2 on RMA, what a peace of junk )
2 x Intel series 520 120 gb in Raid 0 ( have overkill onsite and offsite backup)
16 GB of 1600 ram, I'm still looking for 32 GB of ram
2 x 560 in SLI, just for test, I wil replace with a single GPU.
Corsair 1200 AX ( I know, a little bit overkill :), but i have it already )

For now it's under water in an old Corsair 800d case, I wait for my new Phanteks cooler to place it on a Haf XB, I like this case, I prefer a case on my desk, less dust.
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