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My System Specs


I built a PhotoShop machine in Dec/12 for an artist pursuing a Bachelors in Fine Arts at ACAD. I ended up going with the P9X79-LE with an i7-3820 CPU. I did some reading at a few PhotoShop forums. I had originally planned on a GTX680 for the build, but all indications were that a GTX580 was more suitable. The general consensus was the GTX580 was best all around card as the GTX680 doesnt play nice with GPGPU. I had also considered a Quadro, but again, the pros say it is a waste unless 3D rendering, and a GTX580 will smoke it in most all other duties. The fastest Quad-core CPU you can afford is best. Hence, the i7-3820.

I went with a pair of Samsung 840 SSDs and a 3TB HDD. Win7/PS on one SSD, and Paging/Scratch Disc on the other. The 3TB was for storage. It was suggested the 840 was not a good choice for Paging, but I havnt heard of any issues from the end user to date. Time will tell. Might not be the optimal drive config, but works well.

With that said, I would say a GTX580 is what you want for a GPU.

P9X79-LE / i7-3820 / 32GB Ripjawz / 2X Samsung 840 120GB / 3TB WD HDD / 3GB EVGA GTX580 / AX750 PSU / Corsair Vengence Case / Corsair H100 cooler

I am not the greatest with a camera as you can see.
Great case, but the holes in the side window suck donkey nuts. Another thing I didnt care for was the fan mounting holes. They are all oversized to allow for rubber dampening grommets. It seemed as though the weight of the rad would pull the screws thru, so I used washers.
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