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Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
be glad that they send it air, for you paid up front for duties thats why $30

now if sent it by cheaper ground then you pay at your door duties, brokage and fuel charges
Ahh, I didn't know that Priority Mail International to Canada was by Air; I thought it was just like first-class, except with insurance and tracking. USPS doesn't charge brokerage fees for ground. It's only Fedex, USP, DHL or other courier services that have their own in-house brokerage services (you can opt out to use your own however).

The thing I don't quite get is that no shipping method can bypass taxes (HST, GST/PST) unless the company themselves collect and send it to the government (CRA), the dollar value is $20 or less, or if it's a gift valued at $60 or less. Neither of these applies in my case, so there might be some other legislation regarding taxation on these types of goods that I'm just not able to find.

I have another shipment coming in from Jab-Tech that's quite a bit more and it's just sitting in a customs queue waiting to be reviewed. I hope it's the same result, but probably not :P

I'm thinking it's one of those hit and miss things, where it's up to the custom agents discretion.

Anyways, I was just curious to see if anyone had a reason as to why tax wouldn't be charged. Some items are a lot cheaper coming from the US and not getting taxed on top of that is a good chunk of change saved
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