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My System Specs


Very simple actually.. you just weld them from the front. They don't need to be fully welded anyway so a few 1" tacs will be plenty of support.
This of course depends on the type of welding. arc is the best for getting into tight spots as you don't have the gas nozzel in the way and you can bend the rod to get the correct angle to weld from.

That is of course if your bothered about them being fully welded. there will be more than enough strength in 3 x 1" welds top and bottom to hold your drives / res / whatever.
Actually this will probably be better anyway as you want the thinnest possible metal and too much heat isn't good for it.

(Jack of all trades master of none, have worked in everything from fast food and cleaning to enterprise IT, roady for a band, photography, pipe cleaner (basically) for large pharmaceutical companies and construction, specifically as a metal fabricator. :P )

May I also suggest smaller windows. personal preference but a window that shows the drive bays/hdd cage isn't great.
That it unless your going to have a fancy res to have in-front of them.

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