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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
I'm going to keep this fairly simple instead of going into great details.

1) Limited to 1 screen. You can have metro open on one screen and desktop on another

I run three monitors with "Metro" spread across them, if you need more screen, scroll....or are you talking about the lack of a mult-desktop option?

2) 1 instance of internet explorer only A. Why would you use internet explorer, B. Why would you use internet explorer in metro

I went with Google Chrome. I.E. really does not like playing second fiddle but I do need it because some websites insist on I.E. (Alberta Government for one where you cannot download forms unless your are in I.E.).

3) Microsoft owes me $10 for décor8 and start8 Why would you pay for what you can get for free

Royalty fees?

4) No correlation between desktop apps and metro apps (for some reason installing metro dropbox as well as desktop dropbox involves 2 different folder setups.That's because it opens in two different ways

Not sure why you would need it on both screens, if I need a new Win8 App, I go to Metro, if not, I stick to desktop. I installed DropBox in desktop and it is also on my metro side. But I don't drop many boxes, tried it once.

5) Store is still extremely limited from my point of view, and the way its organized is poor. Better than no store

And you can go shopping for FREE - not that I've been overwhelmed by the quality of most Apps, and "free" usually means a limited version where you are asked to upgrade at every opportunity. But hey it's a free sample. And they left lots of room to announce a new and improved store front in the future, gotta leave room for improvement eh?

6) Mail app, your always stuck with the 3 panes no matter what, and for some reason it doesn't pickup email links from anywhere. Also, sideways scrolling should NEVER really happen by default. Use a different mail app

Gmail in Google works for me

7) IE10, you cannot reorganize the pinned website in the app, its always going to be in order of pinned which is unacceptable. Again IE is horrid and I don't know why you are using it

Huh? I avoid IE unless I'm forced to use it.

8) Extremely limited settings throughout metro, most noticeable in IE10 where there are none. At all. The hoops I had to go through to change the default search engine was appalling. It depends on the app again IE10 is garbage
I'm with you on the default browser problem, I struggled with that one too. IE really really does not like playing second fiddle. I just love the advice at the M.S. support pages whenever there was a problem, ... "first make I.E. your default browser" then all your troubles will go away.... Go Google. BTW I tried to get Firefox to work in Win8 too, but gave up after a few tries, don't really need another browser and not prepared to spend the time needed to make it work.

9) I have found the split screen too limiting on my desktop to be of any real use, 50/50 would be useful not the 6th of so of the screen that they have limited it to. This is one thing I agree with
10) Lack of flash and other plugins (sliverlight for example) in IE10. This is not some gimped cellphone OS this is Windows FFS. IE 10 again

Guess your still talking about I.E. 10, don't use it much so not sure about this "split screen" feature you are talking about.

11) Inability to install desktop programs from the store I don't know why you would want to

The Store is a Specialty Store selling Win8 Apps, that's like saying I went to the Apple store and they would not sell me a PC.

With all the features/functionality that Microsoft could have added, something along the way of Ubuntu's workspaces for example, we got this near useless layer, for it is just a layer ontop of windows. The rest of Windows8 really is just a service pack upgrade for the most part from what I can tell, if you missed the cheap upgrade do not bother.

I don't know I feel as though a lot of your complaints stem from how you use it rather than how it can be used. It isn't meant to be your main interface on. a laptop or desktop, it is just a start menu replacement that is a little more flashy and customizable. I don't really have any of these problems, most of them can eb avoided by ditching IE10, which no one even used IE9 anyways so I don't know why IE10 being bad is a big deal.

I got Win8 because i could upgrade to Pro for $59 which was a lot cheaper (like $100 cheaper) than the upgrade to Win7 Pro, I have Win7 Home but a PC with 32GB RAM.

Win8 is like a new toy, something to be played with. It is novel. kinds cute, and it is sort of fun being on the bleeding edge of change. I sat my wife down at the keyboard to show her how it works, she gave up after a short while and muttered something about being glad she bought a laptop last summer with Win7.

I'm glad I could dual boot this rig and for lots of things I'm booting up to Win7. So far only one of my Flight Sim's (Xplane) works well in Win8.

MS Office 10 seems to like Win8. Adobe works OK in Win8 and Google Chrome and Apps work fine.

Will it be the new Vista? Let me check my crystal ball, oh dear foggy as usual, ...

Fort Kent, Alberta

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