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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Master_Shake_ View Post
with amd supplying cpu's and gpu's for consoles, that would be counter productive.
Ergo the pipe dream.

The fact is both game companies and GPU companies benefit greatly form this unoptimized situation. Think about it. The game companies don't have to pay the code monkeys to optimize the code beyond a certain point and in turn requires a brute force approach to running a console game any 360 could run without breaking a sweat.

Therefore necessitating much higher end hardware than would otherwise be necessary. In turn higher sales of higher end products. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE high end hardware. But the lazy/greed approach to getting us there is haphazard, ham fisted and just all kinds of wrong.

Though we did get MLAA and whatever nVidia's solution is called. So, it's not all bad. The worst part however is when a poor kid comes along and reads a min spec and figures his rig is more than enough (where have I heard that before) spend what little hard earned money he has left on a game that just won't run properly on his rig.

Thats bullocks! It happens all the time and is no wonder kids and their parents would rather invest in the console. But the console doesn't drive tech. It drives profit margins. Sorry for the rant. I'm a little more than touchy on the subject.

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