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Originally Posted by BrainEater View Post
pffft.....112 WU/day.

I've got an 8800 ultra coming online......You said you had issues with that one boggsy ?

It was my 8800GT that had issues running core 15 projects... It gets core 11 wu's 99% of the time so its not really an issue... My 3 8800 GTS 512's run core 15 no problem so it might just be my card that isn't up to snuff... not sure.

Finally got my 3 slot board today after a 10,000 km road trip... Chilliwack to Kingston... back to Chilliwack... then back to Kingston... Canada Post delivered the delivery notice to the wrong address and the package got sent back Hopefully it survived the journey... the box got banged up pretty good.

Got 3 GTS 250's and a Q6600 waiting patiently...


Floyd (rig # 6) is now online

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