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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Hmm, ya, I see that now. It is indeed an Asetek mounting system on the H90 & H110. How disappointing.

As an aside, I hate this 'planned obsolescence'. Why can't Corsair just realease an H90i and a H110i with the same block/mounting system as the current H80i and H100i? Now, anyone who wants the best cooling, will have to buy an H110 this year, then next year will have to re-purchase the H110i in order to gain the benefits offered. It's ridiculous.
I touch on that in upcoming comes down to SOFTWARE. LINK software doesnt work with Asetek its (basically) made for CoolIT coolers.

If that is not is gets 'better'....but you will have to read the review to find out what the other 'great' feature of the 90/110 is that just made me soooo 'love' them. fav of this gen is the Kraken X40. Even with the less than optimal install. Most cases support 140 rear worrying about 15vs20mm spacing. Good cooling capacity. Great stock fans, decent software. Not much to not like. Just wish they made a 38mm (or thicker) rad version
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