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My System Specs


The bad from this, powerful hardware stay more expensive. The good, current stuff stays relevant longer(kinda)

Personally, an 18 month release schedule seems about right. Any sooner and they are replacing stuff that doesn't need it, any longer and with the decreasing cost of monitors and increase in number of people going for multi / High res / 120hz displays your forced into more expensive set-ups that otherwise may have run on a single new card.
Also as said the devaluation of each generation takes longer. Increasing the cost to the end user per performance gained compared to if there was new stuff released.

Have to also agree with sky though, would love to see more optimization of code and more use of the "tools" the hardware has but developers don't use.
That said with game developers not knowing what they will be using in a couple of years how can the designers of the architecture know?

Would love to see a bit more conformity between AMD and Nvidia in the features they bring so as to provide a more stable base for developers to design from.
This is not to say that each couldn't or shouldn't add more of their own new features but that some that are good for all cards should be incorporated into both.. Pipe dream I know but hey.
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