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My System Specs

Question Help me find a laptop!

I posted this on NCIX, but thought I should somewhat broaden my search efforts.

So i'm selling off my desktop(s) and looking to consolidate to a laptop. Many reasons involved, none that need to be discussed here.

I'm looking for any other advice people would have for make/model that I haven't considered yet.

The specs:
- Gaming laptop w/ decent video card.
- Standard Keyboard. Not a french keyboard. This limits a lot of options.
- 15" screen.
- Don't care about hdd, will sub an SSD I already own.
- Decent quad core i7 (see: gaming laptop)
- 16G DDR3, or able to upgrade to 12-16G..

The MSI laptop here: [ MSI GE60 0ND-256US i7 3630QM 8GB 750GB 15.6in LED GTX660M 2GB BT HDMI DVDRW Windows 8 Notebook ] fills all that. However I would love to find a laptop with a full docking station. Not a little usb docking station that lags - but a full fledged with DVI outs, network, power for the laptop, etc.

The point of the docking station, is that we have one office area in the house with one desk.. and i'd like to purchase two laptops (one for me, one for wife) and we can share the workspace.

Otherwise I think i'm stuck with the MSI, which isn't a bad laptop or anything.. but i'm looking for alternate options.

Thanks in advance.

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