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A couple of things,

Having NCIX build for $50, incl 1 yr warranty?

Buying the insurance for shipping? What do you think of this search,

Originally Posted by Orion168
But what if the item arrived damaged (breakage)? Say it's an expensive item that costed more than $100? Also say that you already accepted the package, so UPS can't return it.

I don't think VISA would cover that, and that's what you are buying insurance against.
VISA does cover that. From the Visa Chargeback FAQ Lulz previously cited:

Looks like we don't need insurance.

I just called Scotiabank Visa and talked with Aimsley who confirmed that Visa will pay for loss,damage,thieft etc if you card has this insurance, nothing to do with who shipped or bought from. I had used them for the extended warranty in the past, you need records but they will cover up to one year beyond the original warranty period, they need a copy of the original warranty, sales slips, takes time but they do pay.

Guess I answered my own question, hope it helps someone else.

If you have any further advice on the system I choose please feel free to post, I am now waiting to hear from NCIX before I make my final decision.

God bless
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