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My System Specs


ST I'm 100% sure Xman is just Trolling think you need to do what I did and just walk away. I have dealt with HiTi lots other then not measuring twice before cutting once :P he is a smart guy who knows what he is doing.

He is downsizing to Mitx, he has also stated a space issue thats why he is not using the 6970's anymore.

He has also stated he is gaming at 1080p so why waste money on a gpu you wont use when he could spend the money on better WC or SSD's plus his PSU doesnt fit so he might need to buy a new one of those as well.

So **** power lets look at spaces? what card is the best gaming card with a tiny little foot print?

670, watercool that cute little card and you save tons for cable management PNY and EVGA make a good one with the mini PCB but the 660Ti watercooled is still a better fit for you HiTi even though it is longer and you will have the cabling to deal with I think the money saved from it and the fact the card just rocks you will be very happy.

Xman please dont quote me as you will be ignored unless you give some real non troll Data and show respect for the OP, forum admins and Forum members.

Plus HiTi we have both had the 6970 crossfire setups and I still even use one of my 6970's in my backup rig, I find my 660 TF OC to actually out preforms it on almost every level as well as games for some reason just look better, but when I had my 7950 I found that card was a great all round gaming card even seemed to run with the 680 setup LP bought off me with no issues at all.

Dont get stuck in the thought you need these huge cards for one LCD but if you plan to go to many Screens down the road think AMD if its one screen thats 1080p go with 660ti if above get the 670 dont waste your time or money on the 680 as thats just a bragging rights card.

Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Please take a moment and back track what you are saying then Xman. You are saying that you admit a 480 is not as good as a 580 and yet the 660TI beats a 580 in many scenerios? How does that make the 480 Better? It consumes more power, generates more heat, and is less efficent in the use of its architecture. You say you have read up and have real world, I don't quite believe that when your own statement contradicts what many peoples real world experiences are. And, what many other websites out here have already proven beyond just HWC.

No review will ever denote individual experience. I.e. SKY has a great rig, but mine is lesser so therefore card for card my results will be lower. But that scales down with the card used as well, which still makes the 660TI a good midrange choice.

In all honestly besides having Crossfire / Catalyst issues I have no idea why one would want to drop CF in the first place. Its overkill for the setup.
And its not that we push anyone to make a decision that is lesser than what they could have but one thing we like here at HWC is no more than is required at times. Unless the OP knows they are doing something in the future that will require more horsepower.

Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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