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My System Specs


Originally Posted by xmanrigger View Post
Soul, I never said a GTX480 is as good as a GTX580. I know that for fact. Had a pair of both. I said it would likely stomp a 660\660Ti in raw power. I also said I couldnt confirm this, but would put my money on the 480.
Thanks for the link, and no offense, but I have done research. Also tested with real hardware with real games on a real PC. Or shared from trusted sources. Not just by reading what somebody posted. I am not saying I know everything, not at all. But I know what I have presented here to be true from my testing and experience.
I am not saying the 660Ti, is bad card. To the contrary. But somebody giving up a nice CF setup will more likely than not, be disappointing with a 660Ti. Especially for gaming. The op stated in the opening post he was considering 670/680. Why push him for less? Video is never a bad investment if you spend your money wisely.
Please take a moment and back track what you are saying then Xman. You are saying that you admit a 480 is not as good as a 580 and yet the 660TI beats a 580 in many scenerios? How does that make the 480 Better? It consumes more power, generates more heat, and is less efficent in the use of its architecture. You say you have read up and have real world, I don't quite believe that when your own statement contradicts what many peoples real world experiences are. And, what many other websites out here have already proven beyond just HWC.

No review will ever denote individual experience. I.e. SKY has a great rig, but mine is lesser so therefore card for card my results will be lower. But that scales down with the card used as well, which still makes the 660TI a good midrange choice.

In all honestly besides having Crossfire / Catalyst issues I have no idea why one would want to drop CF in the first place. Its overkill for the setup.
And its not that we push anyone to make a decision that is lesser than what they could have but one thing we like here at HWC is no more than is required at times. Unless the OP knows they are doing something in the future that will require more horsepower.


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