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Default AMD: No HD 7000-Series Replacement For 2013

If reports are to be believed, AMD may not be releasing a new graphics architecture this year. Instead, the HD 7000-series could remain front and center until 2014.

Even Graphics Core Next was introduced within the Southern-Islands architecture, members of the press and forum goers were talking about future desktop GPU developments. Names like Sea Islands and GCN 2.0 were bandied about with rumors pointing to a release date sometime in 2013. Even AMD’s own CES 2013 slides clearly showed the Solar System / Sea Islands architectures atop a roadmap for 2013. Granted, past announcements have been overly mobile-related but all indications pointed to a gradual phasing out of the HD 7000-series regardless of some rebranding on the OEM side.

Read more here: AMD: No HD 7000-Series Replacement For 2013 | Hardware Canucks

I know we're a bit late on this news but I was waiting for an official response from AMD. Looks like this is all but confirmed.
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